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Dec 18, 2013


Jakarta, 18th December 2013

KN-RCI conducted the 15th Annual General Meeting (AGM) took place on 18th December 2013 at the Intercontinental Jakarta MidPlaza Hotel. In connection with the AGM, was also held "the 5th Responsible Care Award 2013", as the appreciation awarded to companies who successfully have excellent achievement in the implementation of Responsible Care code management practices. The 15th AGM was attended by 110 participants of 80 KN-RCI members companies including invitations. President Directors & CEOs as well as representatives from member companies present at this event, as well as representative of the Government Authorities or Ministries. In the opening session, the KN-RCI Chairman, Mr. Suhat Miyarso said that the year 2013 was a busy year for the KN-RCI. The activity started with "the best practice sharing" among the members through the "Company Visit Program" to learn about "Specific Responsible Care Code" which have been successfully implemented by the visited company or industry. A variety of training programs and workshops, and seminars have been held in the year 2013.

Special program in year 2013 is "the Verification" and "the 5th Responsible Care Award" conducted from March to early December 2013. Responsible Care Verification (sort of audit) was conducted in 39 companies in 42 locations. Participant of this program have increased by about 25% from the previous year. The verification team, is an independent team consisting of active members (volunteered verifiers) and outsourcing verifiers (former of verifier of the KN-RCI member companies) which is now becoming a third party of KN-RCI, i.e., those who joined in DYS Consultant. The team has competency as certified verifier by the experts from the JCIA of Japan.

Collaboration with the Government has been going very well, including the dissemination activities Globally Harmonized System (GHS) of Chemical Classification and Labeling. KN-RCI has involves in the improvement of the Regulation of the Minister of Industry concerning the GHS, and preparation of Technical Guidance for GHS implementation regulated under the regulation of Director General for Manufacturing Based Industry of the MOI. The KN-RCI play the active roles in several programs such as in the drafting of Rencana Undang Undang (RUU) or the Bill of Chemical, the APEC Chemical Dialogue 2013 held in Jakarta (January 2013) and Medan (June 2013). KN-RCI held the Seminar on OECD Chemical Safety and Security Program (November 2013), which is the first collaboration between OECD and Indonesia, related to Chemical management.

Cooperation in international networks are also getting stronger. Active role of the KN-RCI and participation in international activities related to chemical safety & security. The programs have been conducted by the US- CSP and the OPCW. Special Workshop on the Chemical Safety Database have been conducted by the AMEICC, supported by METI of Japan. In promoting Chemical Risk Assessment to achieve the WSSD Goal 2020, the Seminar and Workshop on Chemical Risk Assessment Method have been conducted, supported by METI Japan (via HIDA, JCIA, NITE and JEMAI/JAMP) and also DFAT Australia.

The series of events were progress report of 2013 KN-RCI activity (from January to December), as well as a summary presented in the form of Dash - Board of the Balance Score Card, delivered by Setyabudhi Zuber (Secretary General and Executive Director). Mr. Rony Sumaryana (Treasurer) submitted financial statements and audit results by the Public Accountant as well as KN-RCI's financial condition during the last five years. 2014 Activity Plan and Budget delivered by Mr. Supot Katetopragran. Prior to the closing of the AGM, by acclamation the AGM participants accept and approve the 2013 activity reports, financial audit reports and 2014 activity plan and budget.

At the AGM this year the KN-RCI had the honor of the presence Mr. Benny Wachjudi, the Director General of Manufacturing Based Industry of the Ministry of Industry (MOI) and Mr. Wardijasa former Director General for Chemical Industry of the MOI and Mr. Frank Moniaga former KN-RCI Chairman as well as several other invitations.

The number of members of KN-RCI officially registered today there are 101 companies, covering Agro Chemical, Fine and Specialty Chemical, Petrochemical industry and chemical services.


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