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Latest associations to join RCLG
Apr 24, 2006

In November 2004, the International Council of Chemical Associations, ICCA, admitted Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Slovenia Into the ICCA Responsible Care Leadership Group. This brought the number of countries running ICCA-recognised Responsible Care programmes around the world to 52 with 26 of these in Europe.

The development of Responsible Care within these countries, which – with the exception of Bulgaria – joined the European Union in May 2004, has been taking place over a number of years and has helped in developing a greater understanding and implementation within their national chemical industries of the European safety health and environmental regulatory systems. The ICCA Responsible Care Leadership Group recognised that each country is successfully implementing a programme based on the eight fundamental features that are common to all national Responsible Care programmes worldwide.

The European Chemical Industry Council, Cefic, and the national industry federations of Finland, Sweden, Turkey, Germany and France have provided assistance and backing throughout the programme. This has focused on membership support and identifying what tools can be used to extend the programme to new companies and countries. Assistance has also been obtained from the European Commission through the CHemLeg/ChemFed project.

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