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Lively 10th Anniversary of KN-RCI
Dec 03, 2007


  • The 4th National Responsible Care® Conference And Exhibition 2007
  • The 2nd Responsible Care Award 2007
  • Minister Of Industry Of The Republic Indonesia:
    • Responsible care is one of key and measurable factors to support the increase in the chemical industry performance.
    • KN-RCI is Government’s Partner in industrial building, establishment and development especially in safety, health and environment management.
    • Chemical industry company should be and are highly demanded to apply the Responsible care for attainment of sustainable development.

Jakarta(RC News, November 29, 2007)
The Minister of Industry represented by Fauzi Aziz, Inspector General of the Ministry of Industry granted Award to the champion of “Indonesia Responsible Care Award 2007” in Jakarta, Indonesia Wednesday, November 28, 2007.
Award organizing already held twice since 2003 was initiated by the “Komite Nasional Responsible Care Indonesia (KN-RCI)” and fully supported by the Ministry of Industry.

Trophy contested from left to right Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum contested in esponsible Care Award 2007.

This award is an appreciation to the achievement in chemical industry in applying the ethic standard, the best practice in implementation of Responsible Care. The criteria of appraisal in this award “competition” was based on the attainment of chemical industry ethic standard in Work Safety, Health and Environment (K3) management, contained in the practical ethic code of Responsible Care cover 6 codes consisting of:
Community Awareness and Emergency Response (CAER) code, Process Safety code, Pollution Prevention code, Employee Health & Safety Code, and Product Stewardship code. The Jury or verifier is from the chemical industry and professionals having competency in their respective field. Verification team or the Jury Board made selection in-depth as of the launching of KN-RCI Award in April to end of October. The evaluation process phase includes site inspection to the companies.
The first champion was gained by PT BASF Indonesia, followed by PT Nippon Shokubai Indonesia gaining Silver Award and PT Bayer Material Science gaining Bronze Award.

Secretary General and Executive Director of KN-RCI, Setyabudhi Zuber announced company names of the champion of Responsible Care award 2007 in the 4th NRCC & Exhibition 2007, at the Ritz Carton Jakarta, November 28, 2007

Therefore, the General Champion was PT BAS Indonesia and it was entitled to Platinum Award as the alternating award contested biannually. The three companies had performed all codes well, received Placard and Certificate of Excellent signed and granted by the Minister of Industry of the Republic of Indonesia.
The Award from KN-RCI was granted to the company successfully fulfilling criteria of excellence for each code, namely:
Employee Health & Safety Code (PT Dupont agricultural Product Indonesia, DAPI), Community Awareness Emergency Response or CARE Code (PT Pupuk Sriwidjaya Palembang, PUSRI), Process Safety Code(PT Pupuk Kujang), Pollution Prevention Code (PT Syngenta Indonesia), Distribution Safety Code (PT ICI Paints Indonesia) and Product Stewardship Code (PT Nalco Indonesia).

From left to right, Mr. Endi Muslim, KN-RCI Presidium member, Mr. Fauzi Aziz, Inspector General of the Ministry of Industry represent Minister of Industry and Mr. Frank Moniaga, KN-RCI Chairperson (most left) photo together champion of Platinum, Gold, Silver, and bronze Award. From left to right Mr. Henry Choo, President Director and CEO PT BASF Indonesia, Mr. Hirano President Director of PT Nippon Shokubai Indonesia, Mr. Izhar Director of PT Bayer MaterialScience Indonesia.

It is expected that this Responsible Care Award program is able to stimulate small-medium scale (SME) companies, as well as other chemical industries to apply Responsible Care. The Responsible Care Award in this year was sponsored by PT room and Haas Indonesia. PR Dow Chemical Indonesia stated it preparedness to become main sponsor in the Responsible Care Award in 2009.
The award was granted in the 4th National Responsible Care Conference 2007 to commemorate 10th Anniversary of The Responsible Care in Indonesia simultaneously celebrating the 10th Anniversary of KN-RCI. This National Conference on Responsible Care was attended by 170 participants including 40 President Directors and CEO of chemical industry groups, national, multinational, and supporting industries, from universities, government agency and counterparts of KN-RCI from Japan, the Netherlands and China.

Keynote address of the Minister of Industry of the Republic of Indonesia was addressed by Fauzi Aziz, Inspector General of the Ministry of Industry.

The Minister of Industry in his Keynote address conveyed by Fauzi Aziz, Inspector General of the Ministry of Industry confirmed that the Ministry of Industry not only acknowledges the existence of Responsible Care and the KN-RCI forum, but farther considers the Responsible Care supporting as on of factors in increasing the performance of chemical industries and simultaneously placing KN-RCI as the Government’s counterpart in development, building and improvement of industry, especially in the health, safety and environment management. This condition of course must be able to be maintained anddeveloped further in the future.
To the actors of chemical industry, the Minister emphasized the importance to apply the Responsible Care to attain long-term sustainable development in 3 encountering globalization. The government must continuously take many efforts amon other through regulation allowing the industry actors to meet the two missions namely creating added value and seriouslytaking into account their wor health, safety and environment aspects.

Welcome speech by Endi Muslim, KN-RCI Executive Board Committee member

Mr. Djatnika Puradinata, Chairman of the Indonesian Chemical Engineers Institute (BKK-PII), talked about the challenges encountered by chemical industry in attaining the vision of 2030.

Frank Moniaga, KN-RCI Chairperson described the 10-year trip of KN-RCI, the success and challenges encountered by the Responsible Care in supporting “Continuity of Chemical Industry, for the better future.

The national conference on Responsible Care also discussed about the compliance with the government regulation to attain sustainable development, global harmonized system (GHS), global heating, challenges and opportunities for the industry. The Responsible Care itself is an initiative of the chemical industries voluntarily reflecting their commitment to public that the chemical industries are responsible for making increase in performance continuously relating to the work health, safety and environment. This Responsible Care has been adopted by global chemical industry association in 5 countries.
Last October the number increased to 53 countries by joining of Russia, afte in the annual conference on International Responsible Care in Paris, the Russian chemical industries association was officially accepted as a new member of international organization RCLG- Responsible Care Leadership Group.

From left to right, Frank Moniaga, President Director & CEO PT Arbe Styrindo, Djatnika Puradinata, President Director & CEO PT Medco Methanol Bunyu, and Sri Aditya, Director of PT Akzo Nobel Car Refinishes Indonesia as new members of KN-RCI signed commitment to implement Responsible Care.

Commemorating the 10th anniversary of KN-RCI before the end of 2007, officially there were 3 (three) new members joining namely PT Arbe Styrindo (Regional Management III), PT Medco Methanol Bunyu and PT Akzo Nobel Car Refinishes Indonesia. Therefore members of KN-RCI currently are 75 companies consisting of 63 chemical industry companies as full member and 12 logistic service companies as associate member.
In early of its establishment on October 23, 1997, KN-RCI was only supported by 14 companies as founders, and there were 29 companies when KN-RCI was officially accepted as member of Global Responsible Care (RCLG) in annual Conference in Sao Paolo Brazil, August 1999.

The Award granted is in complete as follows:

    Granted to PT Nippon Shokubai Indonesia with total score 532.

    Granted to PT BASF Indonesia with total score 542.

    Granted to PT Bayer Materialscience Indonesia with total score 523.

    Constituting Alternating Award for General Champion, granted to PT BASF Indonesia with total score 532.


Photo of Receiver of award The 1st Champion RC Award together with Irjen. Deprin, Fauzi Aziz, Presidium and Advisor of KN-RCI

  • Community Awareness and Emergency Response (CAER) Code:
    1st Champion – PT Pusri Palembang
    2nd Champion – PT Air Liquide Indonesia
    3rd Champion – PT Advance Stabilindo

Photo of Receiver of award The 2nd Champion RC Award together with Irjen. Deprin, Fauzi Aziz, Presidium and Advisor of KN-RCI.

  • Pollution Prevention Code
    1st Champion – PT Syngenta Indonesia
    2nd Champion – PT Dow Chem Indonesia
    3rd Champion – PT Pupuk Kaltim, Tbk.

  • Employee Health and Safety (EHS) Code
    1st Champion – PT DuPont Indonesia
    2nd Champion – PT Indoraya Kimia
    3rd Champion – PT Petrokimia Gresik

  • Process Safety Code
    1st Champion – PT Pupuk Kujang
    2nd Champion – PT Bina Guna Kimia
    3rd Champion – PT DyStar Indonesia

  • Distribution Code
    1st Champion – PT ICI Paint Indonesia
    2nd Champion – PT Sidomulyo Selaras

Winners of The 3rd Champion RC Award take picture with Inspector General of Ministry of
Industry Fauzi Aziz KN-RCI Presidium and Advisor

  • Product Stewardship Code
    1st Champion – PT Nalco Indonesia
    2nd Champion – PT Cognis Indonesia
    3rd Champion – None

Mr. Ari van der Steen hoven, Director of VAPRO of China, address his presentation titled: Global Warming, the opportunity and challenge for Industry.

Responsible Care® Exhibition 2007 displays booth from PT. Prasadha Pamunah Limbah Industri (PPLI), PT Kaltim Parna Ammonia (KPA), PT BDP International Indonesia, PT. Rohm and Haas Indonesia, PT Dow Chemical Indonesia, PT Draegerindo Jaya, VAPRO of the Netherlands and KN-RCI.

KN-RCI Booth at the RC Exhibition, at The Ritz Carlton Jakarta, 28 November 2007

The Lady Kebaya of KN-RCI Leadership Team members celebrated KN-RCI Anniversary – “a forward looking”. From left to right, Urai (Dow Chemical), Deisy (BASF), Asnita (DuPont), Ika (Dow), Nane (Cognis) and Edith (Cognis).

Mr. Henry Choo, President Director of PT BASF Indonesia (left) was helped by Mr. Fauzi Aziz, Inspector General of MOI (right) to carry the Platinum Award Trophy.

Lunch break – The 4th NRCC 2007

From opening until closing sessions are never change: most of delegates of the 4th NRCC & Exhibition 2007 are seriously attend the sessions and active participation on discussion.

PT DOW CHEMICAL INDONESIA has confirmed as main sponsor for The Indonesia Responsible Care Award 2009.

(By AK/JN/SZ).

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