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“New ICIC” is recovering
Mar 21, 2008

……. “New ICIC” is recovering ……….
Indonesian Chemical Industry Council (ICIC)

Parts of us, needless to say, has been familiar with Indonesian Chemical Industry Council or ICIC. After a relatively long inert activity, ICIC will immediately recover under the leadership of Ir. Hidayat Nyakman, MA., MSc

ICIC standing for Indonesian Chemical Industry Club has been changed its name into Chemical Industry Council, despite unchanged abbreviation, i.e. ICIC. As an organization, ICIC is the partner of government and KADIN. ICIC was established in 1976 following rapid growth in chemical industries with main objective to represent the interests of Indonesia in ASEAN Chemical Industry Club (now ASEAN Chemical Industry Council). Its existence is supported with no less than 14 chemical producers associations as either full members or traders or exporters & importers of chemical products registered as associate members and honorary members.

Historical Fact:
KN-RCI was set up by KN-RCI

ICIC is part of important and inseparable history of the establishment of National Committee for Responsible Care Indonesia (KN-RCI) on 23 October 1997. Preparation for KN-RCI formation was initiated by Rahman Subandhi as the Chairman of ICIC (1986 – 1996), which later this newly established organization gained international recognition, i.e. as a member of RCLG-ICCA. The proposal was submitted by ICIC Chairman in charge at that time, i.e. Zaenal Soedjais, President Director PT Asean Aceh Fertilizer (AAF).

Now, the ”New ICIC” under the leadership of Hidayat Nyakman is ready to exercise its chemical industry vision and mission for the sake of nation and play in ASEAN, Asia Pacific and International forums. This is what is actually expected by this nation and government.

ICIC Revitalization
In each country of RCLG member (except South Korea), Responsible Care Council is part or unit of its national chemical industry association. Owing to this, ICIC revitalization for KN-RCI is very important; without ICIC it is very unlikely that KN-RCI would exist and develop as to date.

The Director General of Agro and Chemical Industries, Ir. Benny Wahyudi, chaired ICIC meeting in the Ministry of Industry. One crucial decision during such meeting held on 22 February 2008 was that in Indonesia there would be only one chemical industry association. Chemical Industry Cooperating Body ((BKS-Inkim) and ICIC would be a single organization. 

Ir. Hidayat Nyakman was elaborating “New ICIC in the meeting initiated by the Directorate General for Agro and Chemical Industries, the Ministry of Industry with attendance of over 50 guests from Kadin, chemical industry association and KN-RCI and officials of the Ministry of Industry and former director general of chemical industry.

The function of KN-RCI more focusing on Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) will not replace the broader role played by chemical industry association. In that light, since 2005 KN-RCI has been a voluntary member for the ICIC Revitalization Formulation Team, which was unofficially set up by the Director General of Agro and Chemical Industries with membership consisting of representatives from several associations and KADIN and within the Ministry of Industry itself.

Apart from revitalizing ICIC roles in national, ASEAN, Asia-Pacific and International forums there are two fundamental issues underlying the on-going ICIC revitalization:

  • Globalization has urged industries to prepare strategic measures in dealing with free market and build bilateral/multilateral cooperation with a view to maintaining the national interests in respect of chemical industries.
  • Improved consolidation and coordination among chemical industry associations in Indonesia to develop and promote national industries and participate in the preparation, implementation and supervision of national industry policies.
  • A Chemical industry council association in Indonesia is important as a partner of the Government   in preparation, implementation and monitoring of national industry policy.

The attendance of 22 February 2008 meeting held in the Ministry of Industry Jakarta consisting of representatives from KADIN and chemical industry associations and KN-RCI.

“New ICIC” is planned as a council for several industry associations with end of view to improve their roles in respect of: agro-chemical & fertilizer industries, petrochemical & petroleum products, oleo chemicals, biofuels, basic chemicals & allies products, specialty chemicals, surface  coating chemicals, traders & logistic providers and oil and gas producers. Responsible Care (KN-RCI) will be important part within ICIC organizational structure. (by SZ)

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