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Partnership for Sustainable KN-RCI Website
Feb 09, 2010

Dear CEO / Directors of KN-RCI Members RCI

We wish your company achieve excellent performance as well as CEO, Directors, Leadership Team and Employees colleagues in good health, happy and successful always.

To meet the  demands of KN-RCI members,  our  website now
has appeared with the new format more interesting. Our efforts continue to make improvements in order to provide better service for those who need particularly for KN-RCI members who have given us full confidence.

In every month, KN-RCI website visited by no less than 1000 visitors, not just those living in Indonesia, but from various countries. KN-RCI network with Responsible Care ® associations in other 52 countries on 5 continents is also well established. These are certainly quite encouraging but at the same time a challenge that we can maintain high quality of our website that needs to perform excellent and always updated. WE gladly accepts feedback and inputs from KN-RCI members and staholders.

Therefore we respectfully invite your company to join an important part of KN-RCI in the management of our website. In return, we will put the company logo for one year (12 months) on our website.

By displaying the company logo on the KN-RCI website, other than the Company will be better known, the Company may also convey information about the various activities required by the company's website visitors through click logo to company’s website.

Please contact to KN-RCI Secretariat through telephone +62-21-5799 8165 or email to

We look forward to having your prompt response.

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