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Nov 30, 1999

On March 4, 2008, 25 representatives from KN-RCI company members visited PT BASF Indonesia Plant located at Jalan Daan Mogot Km 14, Jakarta. Company members were very interested to send their representatives to attend the visit. However, due to PT BASF can’t host more than 35 visitors from 28 companies, we can’t include some of company members representative during this visit.

 This visit is part of KN-RCI Training & Auditing Function.  In 2008 we have been planned to visit PT BASF Indonesia and PT Kao Indonesia.  PT BASF was selected as this company is the winner of Gold and Platinum Award KN-RCI Responsible Care Award in 2007.

The visit was started at 9:00am, where prior to that all participants already arrived at PT BASF Indonesia site.  We started the visit with a Welcome Speech from Ms. Jenny Setiobudi, Senior Manager Site Management of PT BASF Indonesia.

KN-RCI Presidium for Training and Auditing, Endi Muslim in his Opening Speech said that the propose of this visit is to share best practice that PT BASF Indonesia have in implementing code of management practice of Responsible Care Program.  In that regard, company member’s representative can learn from BAFS and implement that best practices in their companies.

We continue the visit program with a presentation from Ms. Jenny Setiobudi on BASF Global, BASF Indonesia and special program that PT BASF Indonesia implemented in their Responsible Care Program.  At end of presentation, MS. Jenny answered various questions came from participants.

All participants then were invited for a Plant Tour to see plant operations and EHS standard.  During the Plant Tour our impression was that PT BASF Indonesia have a very high standard for safety and environmental.

We closed the visit to BASF Indonesia with a lunch together at BASF Indonesia Plant canteen and concluded the visit at around 1:00pm.

We would like to thank Ms. Jenny Setiobudi and all of BASF Indonesia Plant’s staff, KN-RCI Secretariat and all representative from company members who participated during the visit, so that the visit was very successfully and safely.

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