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REACH UPDATE (May 2009) - Seven Priorities for Optimising Implementation of REACH: Lesson learned from the first two years
Jun 10, 2009

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Executive summary Two years after its entry into force, BUSINESSEUROPE has carried out a first assessment of the implementation of REACH with a view to drawing the attention of European and national authorities to European industry's experiences, successes and difficulties encountered so far.

BUSINESSEUROPE has identified seven priority areas for action:

  1. The financial burden on companies should be reduced. Phased payment of registration fees first and lowering of fees in the longer term is required.
  2. Consistent European chemicals legislation needs to be guaranteed. Chemicals rules must be set using uniform criteria and consistently in one place. REACH must be in this place.
  3. The quality of guidance about industry's REACH obligations should be improved to avoid legal uncertainty. A strong and timely representation of industry in Partners Experts Groups and translation of Technical Guidance Documents into all EU languages will help improve the situation.
  4. Truly harmonized REACH rules across Member States should be ensured, especially in terms of enforcement activities. Attention should be given to industry’s practical experiences.
  5. The efforts of the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) and the Commission to involve industry are much appreciated. The REACH Helpdesk Correspondents' Network should involve industry better.
  6. Impacts of REACH on international trade should be looked at very carefully. Clarity about non-European companies' obligations and full compliance with WTO rules must be ensured with a view to a real level playing field.
  7. ECHA's online platform to submit data and dossiers on chemical substances (REACH-IT) must be fully operational. Making the system available in all EU languages is worth close consideration, especially for facilitating SMEs' work.
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